VaccineNation Courses

With COVID changing the way we work and live, both in Aotearoa and across the world, there are many considerations for supporting our leaders and businesses, as well as nurturing our health and wellbeing.

I am hearing people wondering:- 

  • Why do some people choose not to wear masks?
  • How do I ask family, friends and colleagues about face coverings/vaccinations? 
  • How do I talk about vaccinations safely?
  • How can I see a different point of view when it’s so opposed to my own?
  • When can we go back to ‘normal’?

Vaccinations and other public health mandates are undoubtedly impacting our social, organisational and global cohesion. There are a continuum of views, beliefs and behaviours on this subject which often evoke intense emotions. With around 1 in 10 New Zealanders currently unvaccinated, and Government mandates for workplaces and employees; there is an unprecedented need to have uncomfortable conversations, review how we work and live, and ultimately to make difficult decisions. This series of webinars, workshops and coaching have been specifically designed based on what we currently know about the impact of Covid on how we live and work. With change being our only constant during this Pandemic, content is kept up to date with both research and real life impacts.

The Leadership workshops further recognise that as this pandemic continues, this area is an emerging leadership competency. Understanding human behaviour during these times supports the taking out of ‘personal’ reactions, thus facilitating professional decision making and actions. Awareness of this also aides workforce planning; after all if employees do depart, maintaining the relationship is a desirable for all parties.


Course Outline Brief DescriptionKey Objectives 
Our VaccineNation Introductory Webinar

Living and working with Vaccine Support, Hesitancy and Opposition 
• Aimed at frontline staff and leaders of all levels
• One hour virtual webinar 
• Some Q and A time 
• Understanding the processes involved in making the decision to be / not to be    
• Introduction to skills and strategies to support decision making in this area
• Identification of factors that can hinder decision making in this area  
• How to sustain and develop trusted relationships (new, existing and departed
• Ways to support the wellbeing of employees (at all levels)
Our VaccineNationInteractive Workshop
Having The Uncomfortable Conversations 
• Aimed at frontline staff 
• Virtual delivery webinar 
• Q and A time
• Individual Action Planning 
• Understanding what makes these conversations challenging  
• Developing some skills and strategies to support these conversations 
• How to have these conversations whilst sustaining trusted relationships
• Ways to have these conversations and support wellbeing 
• Options for seeking assistance as needed
Our VaccineNationInteractive Workshop

Leading and Modelling The Uncomfortable Conversations 
• Aimed at leaders  
• Virtual delivery  
• Q and A focus 
• Individual Action Planning 
• How to manage your own stuff in these conversations 
• Some skills and strategies to support these conversations 
• Identification of escalation factors    
• How to set boundaries to sustain trusted relationships
• Ways to support wellbeing   
• Engage with a network of fellow leaders

Our VaccineNation – 121 Leadership Coaching

These 6 bundle sessions are for business leaders (operational and strategic levels) who wish to develop skills and abilities required for working within the current climate of a changing Pandemic, alert levels, traffic light systems and the associated Government mandates. All of which lead to a range of impacts on both employers and employees. Leading individuals and teams through these times is unprecedented. Understanding the self, context and others whilst flourishing in these times are key components of the coaching approach.