Equity and Immunity Quiz

The decision to vaccinate is complex. For some the critical considerations are health, survival and wellness. These may also be invisible to others. 

Some questions and considerations follow, which have resonated with many of my clients. 

In completing the questionnaire, I invite you to remain mindful that:   

  • It’s intention is to raise awareness of and compassion for others’ perspectives
  • It is not a criticism of other’s choices 
  • Your answers do not reflect who you are as a person or your values 
  • The factors raised here are not static and can change over time 
  • No prior assumptions or agenda underpin drive the questions  

It is not a test, there are no scores.

Question Response 
Does your work depend on your being vaccinated?YES / NO
Is it likely you would get another job if you lost your current job?YES / NO
Do you have people in your whānau who are currently choosing not to be vaccinated?YES / NO
Do you need to pay for a Covid vaccination?YES / NO
If you choose to be vaccinated, would you lose pay or need to take leave to get vaccinated?YES / NO
Do you have direct or indirect experience of being systematically misled by the health system?YES / NO
Do you believe your access to health care is equal to others’?YES / NO
If you became sick, would you have support with any dependents and/or for yourself?YES / NO
If you became sick and needed to leave work, would you lose all your household income?YES / NO
Do you struggle to see people in the news who represent you?YES / NO
Have you been in a situation where you felt you had minimal choice and your safety compromised as a result? YES / NO
Has food security been in an issue for you in the past 2 years?YES / NO
Do you belong to a group with health disparities which place your health at higher risk?YES / NO
During lockdowns is working from home not an option for you?YES / NO


The number of ‘Nos’ you have simply highlight the barriers you do not have to worry about in terms of your Covid immunity, decision to vaccinate and the impacts of Covid on you and your whānau.   


Consider what it may be like for folks who answered fewer Nos than you?